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My Wife is his Girlfriend and She is a Stripper

Redbook (1-year auto-renewal)As I laid down watching television holding a remote control, I could not keep my sight on one suitable channel rather kept on changing. Here and there, up and down I kept on browsing, and came across the whole world within a fraction of time, my sights flew over CNN with Americans, BBC with English, Cartoon with expressions, MTV with styles, HBO with advertisements and Star with Indians.  I couldn’t even finish up my steamy coffee that came all the way from Brazil. Yet for quite some time, I was the Aladdin without a magic lamp but with a wonderful device like Remote Control.  I had the power to switch the world from state of being saddened by disasters shown on News to Romantic Bollywood Flicks with songs and the dances.  However I felt the absence of something very crucial, indeed something that every men would want to possess. What is it? The Authority to command and transform the disparity that I saw on screen was something that was neither designed on the remote button nor was bestowed on me by the almighty.

The first paragraph doesn’t even make sense, until I thought of summing it up with the notion of interdependence and Globalization.  With the intention to suggest what role does and will Bhutan be playing as the World is becoming a small place.  It is said that with the fall of walls between nations and with the channelized web connections, world is shrinking and flat rather than round and gigantic. Now with all due respect I completely agree with what Thomas Friedman has suggested about the entire notion concerning Globalization in his book “The world is flat”.  Hence I was provoked to write few lines concerning the politics at the moment with a politician that doesn’t feel the breeze of Globalization though they are used to foreign made goods and services.  Out of many and various Globalization taking place, the Sharing of Knowledge and Communication is of very importance. Despite of its prejudicial nature of westernization with Hollywood, Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds and Dell etc, as a centre of activity in transforming the culture and tradition. I strongly feel that LDC or developing countries should welcome Globalization with strong gesture for rapid and dynamic socio-economic developments. Now one might argue that Bhutan being a tiny Himalayan Kingdom, the winds of globalization will blow off the roofs of age old traditional and cultural values, however Bhutanese will not become any less Bhutanese if, in His Majesty's metaphor, we open the doors and windows of our country and let foreign winds blow through our house -- because Bhutanese are strong enough not to be blown off their feet by these winds. Our popular culture has proved resilient enough to compete successfully with MTV and McDonald's. Besides, the strength of 'Bhutanese' lies in its ability to absorb foreign influences, and to transform them -- by a peculiarly Bhutanese alchemy -- into something that belongs naturally on the soil of Bhutan. His Majesty has been emphasizing on the importance of excellence and competition not only amongst us rather with the outside world academically, politically, socially and culturally. In other words to borrow triumphant ideas of computers wizards, mathematical geniuses, intellectual entrepreneurs, and to transform them to drive our nation ahead. 

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It is not very important to hear wolves howling at midnight but it is important to pay attention to the youths and generations crying out at 12 noon out of frustration. Politics and politicians will only succeed if they actually try and treat with people as they are, rather than as they would like them to be. There’s one question in politics at the moment above all other, and it's this one: How do we make things better without enforcing few laws?

The clubs and pubs are a method of entertainment and a source of information that is becoming more popular among those who are interested in, but I must confess both Youths and elderly generations are interested. It is not very important to look at the statistics readings to find out how many people love hanging-out in pubs and disco-thaque. Since we all know majority of people love and the number is increasingly increasing as the educated population keeps growing.  Moderately let us consider few Historical backgrounds on how important were entertainment in lives of Bhutanese not just of Diaspora who studied abroad but of ones in remote corners of Bhutan. The paintings on the wall with Angels holding melodic instrument portrays the entertainment for God’s. The exquisite account on zhungdra and Boedra depicts the entertainment for Kings and Queens. The significant Mask Dances with colored robes illustrates the entertainment for People. The wonderful archery match, tug of war, horse-racing, wrestling and even going out at some point hopping houses for a cup of wine are simple examples on how important entertainments were in lives of Bhutanese people.

We now live in the age where Pen is Mightier than sword and Music is wiser than words. So I feel it’s very important that our very Politicians should appreciate the benefits that we have obtained from the outside world in upgrading our personality. The transformation of Boedra and Zhungdra to Rigsar with guitar, piano, drums and other foreign musical instruments that has added a melodious tune to the heart beats of every Bhutanese. The proliferation of tasty Bhutanese cuisine with Ema-Dhatsi, Shakam-Datsi, Suja, Khuli, Puta, etc, mixed with Amul Cheese, Butter and Milk has added an astonishing taste.

So with all due respects and immense admiration I suggest our Parliamentarians to extend the timings for our Bhutanese Clubs and Pubs as before or Normal. Since these are few places where few people meet and talk about Politics, Corruption, Economics and Philosophy besides DPT’s landslide cause for victory. I might not sound very humble in addressing to our law makers when I regard you by stating, “few people meet and talk” so to make it more concise, People doesn’t usually like discussing the above mentioned matters at home with concerns over privacy but our citizens do open-up when they see long lost friends and loved ones in clubs and Pubs. I would not further justify as my words validity dies when I’m talking about the people with Old School thoughts. “My wife is my country! His girlfriend represents aptitude to handle! She is a Stripper signifies everyone’s right” so My wife is his girlfriend and she is a stripper.

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