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THE LADY; My Reflections and Tears...

I’ve always wondered the question of Love and Sacrifice with much perplexity. I read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, seen much adored film: a walk to remember, and heard tons of stories on a particular subject of Love and Sacrifice. But the day I saw “The Lady” – A movie based on inspirational True story of Aung San Suu Kyi, and her journey in liberating Burmese from oppression and tyranny. I cried out loud amongst tens of other audiences at the cinema at every scene and fine lines delivered.

How would you feel to come back to your own motherland with no rights? - Aung San Suu Kyi – receives a call in the middle of the night about her mother’s health condition worsening. She has no other choice but to pack her bag and leave the very next day. On her way to the airport she fears of never seeing her much loved husband and her two sons again. On the other hand, she undeniably fears of losing her mother forever. She checks-in at the Rangoon Airport, where the military security outnumbers the passengers. She firmly places her passport at the immigration officer’s desk and waits for few minutes until the officer questions her, “how long are you going to stay here?” she pauses for a while and then replies, “as long as I want.” As she returned to Burma, during a Democratic uprising and violent military killing, she sees how a country with 89% Buddhist, a religion based on Compassion and Non-violence being practiced with bloodshed and killing of innocents. A killing in which the bullets shot from the gun barrels of brothers’ stroked the hearts of the sisters’.

The Brave Lady in making – Aung San Suu Kyi, opens the gate to her house, and drifts into the memories of her childhood with her father; a nations father Aung San. She recollects those memories with misty eyes and heavy heart. Until a group of Academics from Yangon University, shows up at her door and makes a plea to be the leader of the future Burma, and to fight for democracy. The Academics, bows in respect and makes a fine statement, “you’ve grown up to look like your father.” Without a second thought of her life, love, family and dreams. Anug San Suu Kyi, chooses freedom of the Burmese people from military oppression as her dream and new unconditioned love.

Her Sacrifices - Since she chose freedom of Burmese people, she lost her own freedom. She was kept under house arrest for several long years. Those precious years in which she missed-out on how her two sons grew up. Those incalculable years in which she missed-out on saying how much she misses and loves them.
She was kept in a confinement, where she had to listen to her achievements and her role in winning the Noble Peace Prize, on a broken radio. She was given the worst form of detention to receive the news of her husband’s death on a radio with pair of batteries switch from her torch. She lost few hearts without even having right to attend their funeral processions. But Aung Sun Suu kyi won Hearts of Millions from all over the world for her selfless dedication and commitment in fighting for freedom and Justice. Today, I’m amongst those millions of people joining to salute the lady who once said, “Please, use your liberty to promote ours.”

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